The New World Sea Beast: Sea Beast & the Earth Beast
Pat Holliday PhD


Title: The New World Sea Beast: Sea Beast & the Earth Beast

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Look at the astonishing scripture in (Rev. 13:­1-­10) that reveals the destination of the Beast. John "in the spirit,­" finds himself stationed on the sands of the sea-­that same great seas upon which Daniel beheld the winds striving in their fury. He becomes aware of a monstrous Beast rising out of the troubled elements. He sees horns emerging, and the number of them is ten, and on each horn a crown. He sees the heads which bear the horns, and these heads are seven, and on the heads are names of blasphemy.

In a moment the whole image of a frightful figure of the monster is before him. Its appearance is like a leopard or panther, but its feet are as the feet of a bear, and its mouth as the mouth of a lion. He saw also that the Beast had a throne, and power, and great authority. One of his heads showed marks of having been fatally wounded and slain, but the death stroke was healed. He saw also the whole earth wondering after the Beast, amazed at its majesty and power, exclaiming at the impossibility of withstanding it, and celebrating its favorable position to everything. He saw, and the Beast was speaking great and blasphemous things against God, blaspheming His name, His tabernacle, even them that tabernacle in the heaven, assailing and overcoming the saints on earth, and wielding authority over every tribe, and people, and tongue, and nations. He saw all the dwellers upon earth, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain, did worship this Beast. And for forty-­two months the monster holds its place and enacts its resistless will. This is the word picture of the monstrous Beast of the sea. He comes out of the agitated sea to become an all-­authoritative player in the end times. .

The apostle John was given in phenomenal vision a glimpse of the end of the age . (Rev. 1:­10), called the "Day of the Lord" During this "day of the Lord's wrath,­" (Zeph. 1:­18), God will punish humanity for their proud, sinful ways and their refusal to acknowledge Him as the true God.

In (Rev. 9:­11), an intriguing character is introduced: “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon,­” (Rev. 9:­1-­11).

The Spirit of the Abyss is the leader and god of The Abyss is also referred to as "the Darkness" may be, in fact, Evil Incarnate/Itself. Abaddon and Apollyon both mean "destroyer.­"

Who is this ruling demon called the "Destroyer,­" who is released from the Abyss during God's wrath on mankind in the last days of this age?
The Scriptures are full of the supernatural power the Devil. There is a veil that separates us from the natural world and the spirit world. An abyss (Greek: a-, privative, bussos, bottom) is a bottomless depth; hence any deep place. The word is usually used to refer to a pit; to the deepest ocean floor; or to hell. In the Greek version of the Old Testament the word represents both the original chaos (Gen. 1.­2) and the Hebrew tehom ("a surging water-­deep"), which is used also in apocalyptic and kabbalistic literature and in the New Testament for hell; the place of punishment ;­in the Revised (not the Authorized) version of the Bible "abyss" is generally used for this idea. Primarily in the Septuagint cosmography the word is applied both to the waters under the earth which originally covered it, and from which the springs and rivers are supplied and to the waters of the firmament which were regarded as closely connected with those below.
First, notice that at the sounding of the fifth trumpet, an angel ("star") descends out of heaven to the earth. This angel has in his possession a key to the Abyss. With this key, he unlocks the "bottomless pit.­" This liberates vast hordes of military troops or demonic forces who are on assignments to torture people that have not submitted themselves to the Father.,,,

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