THE GARDEN The Unauthorized Biography of Adam and Eve
Paul T. Harry


Title: THE GARDEN The Unauthorized Biography of Adam and Eve

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Adam and Eve are two modern day humans living on the planet Mirra, a world filled with all the conveniences of a space-­faring civilized society. Adam is a genetic research scientist and Eve a medical doctor. Married with grown children the two are quite comfortable in their vocations, but looking to expand their horizons. This yearning leads them to apply for an internship as the new Planetary Progressors for Terran, an earth-­like world reeling from the insurgency of the Tro^axk rebellion--­a rebellion that has thrown Terran into a quagmire of despair and decay.
With their acceptance to the program, Adam and Eve have no real idea what lies ahead, but after three years of intense training they are sent across the universe to take command of a planet that has grown stagnate in time. Awakening naked in a pyramid temple upon a garden peninsula called Eden, Adam and Eve begin their mission: A mission destined to transform Terran from the backwards cultural cesspool it has become and one designed to prepare its inhabitants for the next coming evolutionary epoch. The only obstacle, Mikatta, the planet's previous despot ruler and the tribes he holds under his spell. If you've ever wondered about Adam and Eve then this is the book for you. Already garnering fabulous reviews "The Garden" is the life story of the two people who changed our lives unlike any other. Everything about you--­your history, your religious beliefs, your customs, even your genetic makeup was shaped by them, and yet, so little is known about their lives. Now for the first time the veil has been lifted and the real story can be told. Adam and Eve really existed and their story is far richer than anything you've ever heard or read before. THE GARDEN
A Love Story
A Saga of Good vs Evil
The Beginning of Humanity's Historic Journey

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