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The Pursued: (Werewolf romance) (The Breeding Prophecy)
Alexx Andria


Title: The Pursued: (Werewolf romance) (The Breeding Prophecy)

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“Alexx Andria, you sure do know how to write a sex scene to get the readers heart to race!! I LOVE IT!­” — Amazon verified purchase review


An erotic paranormal short story romance featuring two werewolves struggling to survive an ancient prophecy destined to change the world. This is an ongoing series.

Pushed by destiny, buffeted by fate, Cassandra is shocked to learn she is carrying not one, but two mystical babies fathered by two separate Alphas: one good, one evil.

Initially, Tieran is simply fulfilling his role as the Alpha destined to father the mystical child but soon Tieran is fighting more than just destiny…he’s fighting his feelings for Cassandra, too.

Ulster is obsessed with Cassandra and the promise of ultimate power but if he can’t have her…no one will.

Cassandra and Tieran have settled into a turbulent relationship fueled by lust and desire yet they remain distinctly at odds. Tieran is struggling with the memory of his previous love, Serra, and fighting the growing emotion he feels for Cassandra. In the midst of their personal test-­of-­wills, Cassandra is carrying mystical twins — of which only one was supposed to be born — but hell hath no fury like a werewolf defending her pups and Cassandra will defend her babies to the death; even against Tieran, if need be.

Caught in the ever-­tightening web foretold by The Breeding Prophecy, Cassandra and Tieran must become as one to protect all they hold dear. As all out impending war between the clans hovers on the horizon, Cassandra must give herself to the power of The Prophecy if any are to survive the bloodbath that will ensue.


She expected him to stalk from the room, angry at her rejection or perhaps secretly relieved at her letting him off the hook, but he shocked her when he simply stared, his eyes burning with even brighter sexual heat. He walked to her with slow, deliberate steps until he was towering above her. “You are my mate. We are bonded in flesh and blood. No one will bring you food but me and no one will be between those thighs but me. Am I clear?­”
Cassandra’s lip trembled but she thrilled at his harsh words; still she pushed him further. “Why?­” she taunted, meeting his stare with open defiance. “You don’t want me. You’ve made that abundantly clear. I could leave right now and disappear and never burden you again with my presence.­”
She jumped when he snarled. “I would find you wherever you go. And if you threaten to leave again, I will tie you to this bed naked until you disavow such insanity. Do not play games with me, Cassandra. You will lose.­”
Moisture sparked behind Cassandra’s eyes and she hated that he’d managed to make her cry. She ducked her head, not wanting him to see her tears. “You’ve made your point. Please go.­”
“I cannot,­” he said in a low, gruff tone. She risked a glance at him and gasped when she saw the lust had not cleared his gaze. Just knowing that he grew hard as his stare roamed her body was enough to slick her channel with readiness. She hated that she was primed for his cock at a second’s notice and yet, she eagerly anticipated the moment when he would push himself deep inside her. “I need you,­” he admitted in a tone she’d never heard him use with her. God, she hoped he wasn’t speaking to Serra and using her as a poor substitute.
“Me?­” she dared, almost hating herself for needing to know.
“Yes, Cassandra,­” he groaned, ripping his shirt from his body and shedding his jeans. He palmed the long, thick length that seemed to pulse as it grew before her eyes and she quickly divested herself of her own clothing. She knew by heart the feel of his hard, hot shaft as it passed between her nether lips, knew his particular scent as if it’d been branded on her soul and she didn’t believe she’d ever tire of the feeling or the smel

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