Children of the Faith
Amanda Tilbrook


Title: Children of the Faith

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My mothers told me that life hadn’t always been like this. Before, when the Lord’s mother had been in charge, we were taken care of it. That was a long time ago though, long before I could remember.
Now there was just this. This terrible hunger and cold.

Centuries ago, back before there were written records, the Goddess decreed that the Nobility would stand as protectors of Faith Land, watching over the devout people and defending against the Faithless. Most Grand Houses fulfilled this duty with honour but there were a few who abused their position.

Seeing the consequences of this neglect, the pain and suffering it has caused, Michael Trevelyon has to choose between ignoring what the Goddess is telling him is right and breaking one of the strongest entrenched Faith conventions: never interfere on someone else’s land.

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