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THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON Classic Novels: New Illustrated [Free Audiobook Links]
Johann David Wyss


Title: THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON Classic Novels: New Illustrated [Free Audiobook Links]

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ISBN: 1230000106941

"THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON - Top Classic Novels" This edition included NEW illustrations + Free AudioBook Links + Clickable Table of Contents for both the list of included books and their respective chapters. Navigation couldn't be easier. The text and chapters are perfectly set up to match the layout and feel of a physical copy, rather than being haphazardly thrown together for a quick release. The Swiss Family Robinson (German: Der Schweizerische Robinson) is a novel by Johann David Wyss, first published in 1812, about a Swiss family shipwrecked in the East Indies en route to Port Jackson, Australia. Johann David Wyss German pronunciation: (May 28, 1743 – January 11, 1818) is best remembered for his book The Swiss Family Robinson. It is said that he was inspired by Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, but wanted to write a story from which his own children would learn, as the father in the story taught important lessons to his children. The Swiss Family Robinson was first published in 1812 and translated into English two years later. It has since become one of the most popular books of all time. The book was edited by his son, Johann Rudolf Wyss, a scholar who wrote the Swiss national anthem. Another son, Johann Emmanuel Wyss, illustrated the book.

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