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2014 MONKEY Your Full Year Horoscopes For The Wood Horse Year
Suzanne White


Title: 2014 MONKEY Your Full Year Horoscopes For The Wood Horse Year

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ISBN: 9781497752092

MONKEY - Your 2014 Illustrated Horse Year Bitty Book is here! "IT'S LIKE HAVING A PSYCHIC IN YOUR BACK POCKET.­" What on Earth is a Bitty Book? Bitty Books are very different from the usual yearly horoscopes book. Bitty Books contain a Bonus. Elements!!! This year,  Suzanne White details the 4 Western Astrology elements and the 5 Chinese elements and explains their effect on each of you in the upcoming year. If you are a Water Tiger or a Fire Rabbit, the Wood Horse Year will influence your life one way. If you are a Wood Tiger or an Earth Rabbit, 2014 will influence you in an entirely different way. This crucial information on elements is exclusive to Suzanne White's 24 individual sign Bitty Books. Find out now in these exceptional books what it means to be a Water Ox, an Earth Snake or a Metal Rooster. And how your sign's element will affect your life in 2014. Suzanne White has designed each of her 2014 Bitty Books for one individual sign. Bitty books are not skinny pamphlets. They are almost 50 pages long. And they are only about You and your future in 2014. Accept no substitutes.  Suzanne White's Horse Year prophecies are the best! The only 2014 horoscopes which walk you month by month through the whole year. Suzanne takes you by the hand and shows you all that is going to happen in the Wood Horse Year and how to deal with it. Stay ahead of the game. Get the jump on the 2014 Wood Horse Year. Download your copy of Suzanne White's "2014 Your Full Year Horoscopes" Bitty Book right here and now.

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