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Along the Way
Shannon Pearce


Title: Along the Way

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ISBN: 9781452423692

Lucas: Luke had been a friend of Janice’s family long before Jerry and Janice had met, and being married to Janice now, Jerry just had to accept the fact that Luke was part of a package deal.  Jerry didn’t know that the kid thought of him as a big brother, or father figure, and he wasn’t thrilled to be thought of as either.  He wouldn’t have minded except for one slight problem.  Jerry was turned on by the kid.  His wife had known of his bisexuality, but Jerry hadn’t been with a man since he and Janice had married.  When he and Lucas are alone on Saturdays while Janice is working, Luke tells Jerry quite a bit more about himself than he wants to know. Mysterious Stranger: Tom’s trip is boring until he comes upon a lone hitchhiker on a deserted stretch of highway.  Passing him by at first, he turns around when he notices how sexy the man is.  Too tired to drive any longer, they stop at a local hotel for the night.  This is a night that Tom will not soon forget.  The stranger is hungry and sexually charged.  Tom has not yet been to all of the places that the erotically charged stranger has been, sexually speaking, that is. ****** Too good to pass this one up, Tom said to himself, no matter how dangerous the man might be.  “Where to?­” he asked.  Tom smiled at the man, desperately trying not to drool.  The stranger’s face was the most perfect piece of patrician artwork that he had ever seen.  He had dark black hair, jet black, and bright eyes, greenish, and the tan of someone who obviously spent a lot of time outdoors.  The man answered Tom’s question, with a smile.  “As far as you care to take me,­” and then he winked.


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