Handbook of Oral History
Charles Hardy III, Charles T. Morrissey, Elinor A. Mazé, Eva M. McMahan, Howard S. Hoffman, James E. Fogerty, Jeff Friedman, Kim Lacy Rogers, Linda Shopes, Lois E. Myers, Mary A. Larson, Mary Chamberlain, Pamela Dean, Rebecca Sharpless, Richard Cándida Smith, Ronald J. Grele, Sherna Berger Gluck, Thomas L. Charlton, Valerie Raleigh Yow Alice M. Hoffman

ISBN: 9780759114371

Originally intending to produce the first comprehensive scholarly reference guide to the antecedents, practices, and theory of oral history, the editors have gone even further, creating a highly readable and useful tool for scholars, students, and the general public. Covering the vast scope of this increasingly popular field, the eminent contributors discuss almost every aspect of a field that once was the province of historians but now has become increasingly democratized and available across numerous disciplines.

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