The Antipodean Philosopher
Graham Oppy, Lynda Burns, Michelle Irving, N. N. Trakakis, Steve Gardner Fiona Leigh


Title: The Antipodean Philosopher

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ISBN: 9780739166567

In this second volume of The Antipodean Philosopher, Graham Oppy and N.­N. Trakakis have brought together fourteen leading Australasian philosophers, inviting them to speak in a frank and accessible way about their philosophical lives: for example, what drew them to a career in philosophy, what philosophy means to them, and their perceptions and criticisms of the ways in which philosophy is studied and taught in Australia and New Zealand. The philosophers interviewed include Brian Ellis, Frank Jackson, Jeff Malpas, Alan Musgrave, Philip Pettit, Graham Priest, Peter Singer and Michael Smith – philosophers who have distinguished themselves in the discipline, both nationally and internationally, over many years and in various branches of philosophy. What emerges from the discussion with these philosophers is a distinctive and engaging narrative of the history of philosophy in Australasia, its recent successes and flourishing, and the problems and prospects facing it in the twenty-­first century.   These interviews will challenge and entertain anyone with an interest in contemporary philosophy and the challenges of living out the examined life today.

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