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A Convenient Arrangement: The Italian Wife\The Spanish Groom
Lynne Graham


Title: A Convenient Arrangement: The Italian Wife\The Spanish Groom

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ISBN: 9781426884511

Two women in desperate circumstances find love where they least expect it in these two classic stories by USA TODAY bestselling author Lynne Graham!­The Italian's WifeHolly Sansom has hit rock bottom. Homeless, broke and without friends, she has no way to care for herself, let alone her precious eight-­month-­old son. Then a chance encounter with the handsome Italian CEO Rio Lombardi changes everything. Suddenly she's living in luxury, wanting for nothing, and if she accepts Rio's proposal, all her worries will be forever behind her. But Holly knows he's keeping something from her. Is it really the perfect life if she doesn't have his love?­The Spanish GroomDixie Robinson has never been good at anything. She's clumsy, far too trusting and couldn't keep a job if her life depended on it. The one thing she's done right is to befriend an elderly man and keep him from being lonely. She'll do anything for Jasper, especially when he falls ill-­except marry his godson. After all, Cesar Valverde doesn't even like her. But as Jasper is rushed to the operating room, Dixie is rushed to the altar. Before she knows it, for Jasper's sake, she's saying "I do.­" Is this yet another mistake, or the smartest thing Dixie has ever done?

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