Dereliction of Duty
Robert Patterson


Title: Dereliction of Duty

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ISBN: 9781596986787

Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson exposes the terrifying, behind-­the-­scenes story of the years when the most irresponsible President in our history had his finger on the nuclear trigger. Dereliction of Duty is the inside story of the damage Bill Clinton did to the U.­S. military and how he compromised our national security. From his laughable salutes, to his arrogant, anti-­military staffers, the message came through loud and clear: the Clinton Administration had nothing but contempt for America’s men and women in uniform.­For two years, Patterson was the White House military aide who carried the “nuclear football,­” which provides the President with remote nuclear strike capabilities. What he witnessed is shocking. In Dereliction of Duty, Patterson reveals:­How Clinton missed a golden opportunity to take out Osama bin Laden long before September 11, 2001Why a minor “family matter” caused the Clintons to scramble a military jetHow a young Clinton staffer tried to divert a full Navy carrier battle group just so the President could have a photo-­opWhy female stewards on Air Force One had to keep their distance from the PresidentBut that’s not all. Colonel Patterson reveals that Clinton treated our nation’s most sensitive secrets and powerful weapons with cavalier disregard, while his aides regarded the military as just another tool for domestic politics.­Dereliction of Duty is the book every American concerned about our national security has been waiting for-­written by a military man who was an eyewitness inside the Clinton White House, and who can no longer in good conscience keep silent.

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