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What the hell were you thinking?
Lawrence J. King


Title: What the hell were you thinking?

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ISBN: 9781453560693

Book Review and Book Description: What The Hell Were You Thinking is about a man of amazingly diverse backgrounds, Lawrence King´s book illustrates his reinvention from being incarserated to executive chef, Buddhist practitioner and caregiver for the mentally and physically handicapped. Like hid dissimilar careers,­Mr. King articles and commentaries are distinct and varied offering insight into his complex character. While in the agressive and repressive setting of a prison and as a man jailed for deliberate insolence, with the help of buddhism, he turned his life around. A globally minded concerned citizen of the world, a caring man who rescues insects and wolves, Mr. King shows us that change can happen. Rose C. Nardi Vice President Peoples Bank http:­//www.­lawrence-­j-­king.­weebly.­com http:­//www.­blogtalkradio.­com/lawrence-­j-­king What The Hell Were You Thinking? BID # 85109 by Lawrence J. King

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