Bloodsworn: Bound by Magic
Kathy Lane


Title: Bloodsworn: Bound by Magic

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ISBN: 1230000131853, 9780043341544

Worlds collide when a man of magic is forced to take a woman of science as his bride. Powerful Bloodsworn, Devlin Kel-­Tragar, is sent to Earth to claim his prophecy bride, a task he has no heart for until he learns that research chemist, Avera St. John, is also his Starmate, the one woman in the universe born just for him. Now he’ll do anything to claim her. But will his slow seduction of his lady mate give his enemy time to take away the one thing Devlin can’t afford to lose? Avera is drawn to her new neighbor, Devlin Kel, despite the mystery she senses surrounding him. A mystery that blows her safe little scientific world wide open when strange men with swords try to kill her and Devlin shows up and blasts them with magic. Real, honest-­to-­goodness magic! Her world is suddenly changed forever, and Avera must decide if she is able to accept those changes along with the man responsible.

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