Herein Is Love
Reuel L. Howe


Title: Herein Is Love

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ISBN: 1230000027235

About This Book “God created man to live in relation with the world of things, with himself, and with his fellow men, and to live in these relationships in such a way that he will … grow in his relationship with God,­” writes Dr. Howe in this meaningful book. He describes the true significance of Christian fellowship and how it can come about and exist. Living responsibly by giving ourselves to one another—parent to child, child to parent, pastor to congregation, congregation to one another, church to the world—only in living out the Word of God’s love in human relationships can we experience the love of God. Dr. Howe wrote this book at the request of the Division of Christian Education and the Division of Evangelism of the American Baptist Convention. It grew out of a series of lectures he presented at a national conference on Christian education at Green Lake, Wis., on the subject, “Growth in the Christian Fellowship.­” It is intended that this book be used in study groups such as parent groups or parent-­teacher groups. Pastors and students of the church will gain new insights from it. Moreover, any individual who is truly interested in the Christian life will find that it is addressed to him.

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