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Say You Love Her, An L.­A. Love Story (LOVE in the USA, #3)
Z.­L. Arkadie


Title: Say You Love Her, An L.­A. Love Story (LOVE in the USA, #3)

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ISBN: 9780991558803, 9780148307155

In this sexy, steamy contemporary/adult romance series the city of L.­A. offers more than lights and cameras--­there's plenty of complicated love action.  We all know that Charlie Lord has loved Daisy from the moment he first laid eyes on her--­at least he thinks so. But Daisy's head-­over-­heals in love with and married to his brother, Belmont. Charlie's tried just about everything to get over her; however he’s positive that the irreverent Monroe Blanco is the one woman who can cure him of his obsession.  Then he sees Angelina Beauchamp. He’s instantly attracted to her. Aside from being Daisy’s long lost sister, Angelina could be the one. But is he lucky enough to be ready for love or will he sabotage his chances and lose out on a good thing?  Other Books in the LOVE in the USA series: Find Her, Keep Her - A Martha's Vineyard Love Story (Book 1) There's Something About Her, A Manhattan Love Story (Book 2) Say You Love Her, An L.­A. Love Story (Book 3) Getting To Know Her, A Chicago Love Story (Book 4) Coming Late Summer 2014

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