Triumph of An American Black Man
Alfred Douglas Turnipseed


Title: Triumph of An American Black Man

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ISBN: 9780595608959

Alfred Turnipseed was a very small boy with bright eyes, a quick smile, dark complexion, close cropped hair, with an engaging personality. Although he was outgoing, there was a timid quality about him. He dressed differently from other boys. With a quick eye for fashion, Alfred wore black and white, or brown and white shoes, while other boys wore solid colors. Sometimes he wore overalls, but pants with suspenders and a belt was his normal dress. His mother made sure his clothes were always clean and pressed. He took pride in his overall appearance. In school, kids lined up by height for many events. Alfred always led the line. He was not only the smallest boy, but the smallest person in his class. And he didn't feel too good about this. When Alfred went to school, his mother insisted that the barber cut off all his hair. He hated this because the older boys would constantly tap his head. But his mother wouldn't change her mind, so his head was always bald looking. Everyone agreed that Alfred was a nice little boy. He was innocent of all vices, well most of them anyway. But he was a tough minded little boy, who kept plugging away and never quit on himself.

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