Strategies for Awareness & Prevention of HIV/AIDS among African-­Americans
Dr. Rakesh K. Mehta & Prof. Rajinder M. Kalra


Title: Strategies for Awareness & Prevention of HIV/AIDS among African-­Americans

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ISBN: 9781469182124

This handbook has been developed to support health educators, community workers, teachers and parents in their efforts to protect the African American people from the scrouge of HIV/AIDS. The primary target of the hand book are teenagers/youth and other African American persons who are the less fortunate components of our society, because it is this population that is most susceptible to this scourge. However suggestions included here in apply virtually to all populations especially culturally different people such as Hispanic etc. Prevention of HIV/AIDS among adults helps to maintain an enlightened parent population prevents AIDS transmitted from the older to the younger generation as in some communities, the elder people are involved in sexual relationships with young adolescents. The authors commend organizations and individuals such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Hon’ble U.­S.­President Barack Obama and former US president they funded billions of dollars to offer treatment of HIV/AIDS infected people and for education of people most susceptible to HIV infection. This hand book titled Strategies for Awareness and its Prevention of HIV/AIDS Among African American (Mehta and Kalra) compliments these efforts with the hope that its contents when followed may reduce the spending required to arrest the HIV/AIDS cases and make the funds available for educational projects that impact lifestyle so that spread is stopped and menace of HIV/ AIDS epidemic among African American is reversed. Some of the suggestions have been adapted from Prof. Kalra and Prof. Sutman book titled WORLD PERSPECTIVE ON HIV /AIDS for the less fortunate with their due permission.

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