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His for the Holidays
Shannon Pearce


Title: His for the Holidays

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ISBN: 9781452437866, 9780012714331

Sheridan loves this time of year and this is the first year in as long as he can remember that he is not scheduled to work or be on call on Christmas Day.  His plans for the day include skiing down the snowy slopes just outside of the city he loves and now calls home.  Being alone does not bother him.  He is much too busy with his career to invest much time in a relationship.  When a man from Sheridan’s past approaches him while he is taking a break in the ski lodge, his lone Christmas takes an unexpected turn. More… After a surprisingly quiet Christmas Eve with only a couple of calls from patients, Sheridan awoke early on Christmas Day, called his parents to wish them a Merry Christmas, put his skis in his SUV, and left the city for the snow covered mountains.  The slopes were perfect today, and from the ski lift the beauty of the mountains was breathtaking.  After a few hours on the slopes, Sheridan took a break and was drinking coffee and warming up by the fire in the ski lodge when he heard an unfamiliar voice call his name.  “Dr. Grey?­”  Sheridan turned toward the sound of the man’s voice.  “Yes,­” he said.  His eyes immediately grew big at the sight of his old friend.  “Nathan?­”  Sheridan nearly knocked the man over in his rush to hug him.  He couldn’t believe it.  Nathan and Sheridan had had a whirlwind romance during their first year of medical school which had unfortunately been very short lived.  That was seven years ago, almost eight now, and Sheridan had not seen or heard from Nathan since.


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