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The Stand-­In
Jennifer Skully Jasmine Haynes


Title: The Stand-­In

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ISBN: 9781626030206

If you’re a fan of contemporary romance by Bella Andre, Lora Leigh, Maya Banks, Sylvia Day, then you won’t want to miss Jasmine Haynes’s classy, sexy Courtesans Tales.   A glitzy, sensual world of powerful people and the courtesans they’ll pay anything to have.   An exclusive and secret agency, for over two hundred years Courtesans has specialized in providing entertainment of a sexual nature. Its clients are rich, powerful, and influential men and women, and one only meets a courtesan through referral from trusted sources. Courtesans facilitates bringing together men and women to satisfy any sexual need imaginable, matching the perfect courtesan with just the right client. The agency prides itself on training its courtesans, male and female, to interpret and fulfill its client’s greatest fantasies, even the secret ones no one dares to say aloud. The price is high, but everyone who’s ever had the pleasure of a date with a courtesan will agree, the fantasy is worth every penny. And sometimes it changes your life.   In the high stakes business world, the CEO just doesn’t play around with the CFO. It’s totally unethical. Yet with every breath she takes, CEO Devon Parker wants her CFO Hunter Nash. She’s in danger of acting on her ill-­advised desires, until Isabel of Courtesans comes up with the perfect solution: find a lookalike. Devon arranges a hot little interlude during office off-­hours when she’s sure no one else will show up. She even has her courtesan call himself Hunter, and he plays the role to the hilt. It’s absolutely perfect, satisfaction guaranteed. Except for one small detail. The real Hunter Nash is watching. When he learns of Devon’s secret fantasy, Hunter devises his own plan to make her ditch the stand-­in and take the real thing. And he has a merger of a more permanent nature in mind.   “The Stand-­In” is a contemporary erotic romance of approximately 32,­000 words and contains explicit material.   This book was originally published in 2010 in the anthol


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