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Three FLAUBERT Classics, Volume I
Flaubert, Gustave


Title: Three FLAUBERT Classics, Volume I

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ISBN: 1230000208430, 9780148334786

Three FLAUBERT Classics, Volume I Madame Bovary, Salammbo, & The Temptation of St. Antony This edition features a linked Table of Contents. Gustave Flaubert [1821-­1880] was a French novelist. In 1856, he published his first novel Madame Bovary, which had taken five years to write. He devoted time in crafting his art in this novel and taking several years to write each of his other works by employing le mot juste, "the right word", to express his ideas. He serialized Madame Bovary in Revue de Paris. He and the publisher were prosecuted in court for publishing an immoral work. They were acquitted and in the following year it was published in book form. Post trial, the public's opinion changed from scandal to appreciation of a new genius in expressing realism. Flaubert has since then been considered one of the greatest European novelists.

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