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The Young Engineers On The Gulf
H. Irving Hancock


Title: The Young Engineers On The Gulf

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ISBN: 1230000238790, 9780149265720

The Young Engineers On The Gulf by H. Irving Hancock I wish I had brought my electric flash out here with me, muttered Harry Hazelton uneasily. "I told you that you'd better do it,­" chuckled Tom Reade. "But how could I know that the night would be pitch dark?­" Harry demanded. "I don't know this gulf weather yet, and fifteen minutes ago the stars were out in full force. Now look at them!­" "How can I look at them?­" demanded Tom, halting. "My flashlight won't pierce the clouds.­" Reade halted on his dark, dangerous footway, and Harry, just behind him, uttered a sigh of relief and halted also. "I never was in such a place as this before.­" About The Author :- The YOUNG ENGINEERS series, written H. Irving Hancock, consisted of five titles originally published by the Henry Altemus Company between 1912 and 1920. A final phantom title, "The Young Engineers in the Land of Lead" was advertised but never published. According to Wikipedia: "Harrie Irving Hancock (1866?-­1922) was an American chemist and writer, mainly remembered as an author of children's literature and juveniles in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and as having written a fictional depiction of a German invasion of the USA.­"

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