Boys in Bed
Beverly Langland, D K Jernigan, Dominic Santi, Drew Payne, E.­C. Cutler, Elizabeth Coldwell, Eve Ray, G R Richards, Graham Benedict, J Y, Katya Harris, L. A. Fields, Landon Dixon, Lucas Steele, Lynn Lake, Marcus Swannick, Michael Bracken, Michael Wells, William Anthony Andy McGreggor

ISBN: 9781908766168

Twenty tales of hot man-­on-­man action showcasing the very best in erotic writing and the raunchiest gay encounters around, from wild one-­night stands to the lasting connections made by long-­term lovers. Dominant masters and their willing submissives, musclebound hunks and shy, geeky guys, curious virgins and experienced studs all rub shoulders in this mouth-­wateringly erotic collection. When boys get together in bed , the last thing they want to do is sleep… Finished By Hand by William Anthony Young Mr Grisham has been working for Marquis & Delaney – Gentleman’s Outfitters, for several years, and still has a commission to make at the end of the month. How else is he going to pay for those exotic holidays along the North African coast? Or the pleasures which go with them? So when the young, expensively dressed Moroccan-­looking gentleman enters the premises, Mr Grisham decides to make him his prime concern. However, as things progress, the young sales assistant discovers there’s more to be had than just a helping hand when it comes to measuring up in the fitting room. The Hung Games by Elizabeth Coldwell The games have an audience of millions, glued to their screens as eight fit, well-­hung men battle to be the last one standing. Venness may have the equipment to make him a contender, but the contest is supposed to be fixed in the favour of ultra-­dominant reigning champion Darien. Has he really got what it takes to bring Darien down and finally make him submit to whatever humiliation may follow? Chocolates at the Sun Garden Hotel by D.­K. Jernigan When Jonah delivers a box of the company’s finest chocolate truffles to the Sun Garden Hotel, he doesn’t expect his boyfriend, Everet, to open the door. And as Everet has arranged for someone to cover his deliveries for the rest of the day, they have plenty of time to spend making love that’s sweet, like chocolate… The Age of Indolence by Lynn Lake It was no secret that Bertrand Toddy was skilled with his hands, being an eroti

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