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Legends Of A Shattered Age (Legend of Takashaniel Trilogy, Book 2)
R. J. Terrell


Title: Legends Of A Shattered Age (Legend of Takashaniel Trilogy, Book 2)

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ISBN: 1230000010783

Not all who destroy are evil. Islands washed over by tidal waves. Nature itself goes mad. Searching for answers, Kenyatta and his friends travel halfway around the world to discover the source of the natural disasters. But when they come face to face with an ancient being, powerful beyond imagination, can even the mighty Children of the Gene defeat it? Over mountains and across deserts, through rain and relentless tundras, three warriors battle never before seen horrors, make uneasy alliances with fearsome beings, and discover that humans share the world with creatures out of legend.   Legends of a Shattered Age continues to explore a fantasy world born from our own. Fans of epic fantasy in the vein of R A Salvatore, Terry Brooks, and Brandon Sanderson, will enjoy this second installment to the Legend of Takashaniel Trilogy. If you enjoy fantasy novels and sword and sorcery epics, then you will enjoy this story. It has a strong plot, and the story draws you into the characters- -­Rhodes Review

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