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Holidays Our Way
Shannon Pearce


Title: Holidays Our Way

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ISBN: 9781452445335, 9780011867229

Three Holiday Stories of the Adventures of Gary and Gordy Holidays Our Way: Gary and Gordy, having met this past summer at a medical convention, have quickly become friends and lovers.  Their passion for each other has grown stronger as they have shared their one unique, and what some may consider quite peculiar, interest.  Gary and Gordy are obsessed with places which are either known to be haunted or are at least rumored to be, and their excursions to discover the latest haunted site have taken the two lovers around the globe.  With the holidays rapidly approaching, the two young doctors eagerly await their next expedition.  Last month, Gary and Gordy had traveled all the way to Scotland to explore an old castle that was rumored to have been the site of a very vicious murder of a beautiful young countess at the hands of her dashing young count.  “I swear I saw him,­” Gary had told Gordy.  “He was right beside me with a knife pointed at me the entire time.­”  “Sure he was,­” Gordy had teased.  “I have the perfect place for us to visit over the holidays this year,­” Gordy had proclaimed, with a devious smirk.  “There is an abandoned amusement park that has been referred to as ‘creepy’ and ‘eerie’, among other things.­”  “Count me in, Gordy.  Where is this ominous place?­”  Romp in Rome: A thirst for thrills and a mind for mischief lead Gary and Gordy to an uninhabited old castle where they are led through maze after maze and from the exotic to the erotic by an unseen inhabitant of the dark and dreary dwelling.  With fervor for the forbidden, the fun loving doctors may have stumbled into the home of someone or something that did not appreciate their visit. A Country Adventure: When Gary and Gordy receive a generous offer to teach two young cardiology interns, they eagerly accept.  Neither has been to the Midwest, and the picturesque town is a perfect replication of its Holland home, teeming with tulips and windmills.  After making themselves comfortable in the cozy cot

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