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George Washington: A Biography
Gideon Cross


Title: George Washington: A Biography

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ISBN: 9781614645238, 9780015027728

ABOUT THE BOOK “I heard the bullets whistle and, believe me, there is something charming in the sound.­” George Washington (age 22), 1754 At the age of 22, George Washington started the French and Indian War. Young Washington was haughty, almost obsessively status-­conscious, and plagued by a foolhardy desire to plunge into the midst of deadly combat. Although he was also characterized by many of the fine qualities modern Americans generally associate with him: bravery, intelligence, and grace under pressure, he could hardly have been called wise, or even prudent, in 1753, when the young surveyor led British troops into disputed territory near modern-­day Pittsburgh. Washington’s mission was to approach the French at Fort Duquesne, explain that the territory was technically part of Virginia and, thus, belonged to the British, and demand that the French withdraw. The first part of the mission went off track when French commander Captain LeGardeur de St. Pierre refused Britain’s ultimatum to abandon the fort. Unable to directly secure Fort Duquesne, Washington led an attack on an unsuspecting French force stationed nearby, killing ten soldiers, including French commander Coulon de Jumonville. Following this battle, Washington’s troop established its own fort, which was known as Fort Necessity. When Washington was unable to procure military help from the local Indians, he found himself in over his head and hopelessly outmanned by the French military. When the dust settled, Washington had been forced to surrender. The terms of that surrender allowed Washington and his remaining soldiers to return to the Potomac. That young man who found something charming in the sound of bullets was similarly charmed and captivated by a near obsession with obtaining money, land, and status. Although Washington did copy and memorize the Jesuit book of conduct that is part of the lore surrounding him, he also worried incessantly about dressing and behaving in a manner that would appear s

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