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Stanley J. Weyman Complete Romance History Adventure Anthologies
Stanley J. Weyman


Title: Stanley J. Weyman Complete Romance History Adventure Anthologies

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ISBN: 1230000226601

An English novelist. sometimes referred to as the "Prince of Romance". Contents Starvecrow Farm (1904) Chippinge Borough (1905) The Great House (1919) In Kings' Byways (1902) The King's Stratagem and Other Stories (1891) The Wild Geese (1908) A Little Wizard (1895) When Love Calls (1899) The Snowball (1895) Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France (1893) Laid up in Lavender (1907) Shrewsbury (1898) Count Hannibal (1901) The Long Night (1903) The Abbess Of Vlaye (1903) Sophia (1900) The House of the Wolf (1887) The Man in Black (1894) The Castle Inn (1898) The New Rector (1891) A Gentleman of France (1893) Under the Red Robe (1894) My Lady Rotha (1894) In Kings' Byways (1902) Twelve short stories of old France set around the year 1600, chronicling the struggles of the League and the Huguenots, Cardinal Mazarin, the Duke of Guise, Henry of Navarre, and other historical figures. The Wild Geese (1908) An Eighteenth century Irish romance on land and sea during the time of George I. A Little Wizard (1895) A rare excursion into outright fantasy. Also called Count Hannibal (1901) "It is very seldom that one runs across a historical novel the plot of which is so ably sustained, the characters so strongly drawn, the local color or atmosphere so satisfactory.... 'Count Hannibal' is the strongest and most interesting novel as yet written by this popular author.­"--­Boston Times. The Long Night (1903) A novel of Geneva in the 16th century. The House of the Wolf (1887) This, one of the first of Mr. Weyman's famous novels, deals with France in the time of the Huguenot wars, and contains a brilliant picture of the massacre of St. Bartholomew. The Castle Inn (1898) A tale which is full of old-­world romance and adventure. It has a strong flavor of the under life in England when George the Third was young, when sign-­posts served also as gibbets, when travel was by coach and highwaymen were many, when men drank deep and played high. There are plenty

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