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Erotic Caress
Shannon Pearce


Title: Erotic Caress

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ISBN: 9781452484891, 9780011859286

Jeremy’s new job is going to be a breeze.  He is meeting a new customer today who is paying him five hundred dollars a week to maintain his massive lawn and his beautiful pool.  Jeremy has no idea that this is the man who frequented the candy store where he had worked last summer.  The man does not look like that guy.  It does not take him long to become swept up in this man’s world and by this man’s charm. Excerpt: Jeremy followed Harley through the big house and up the seemingly endless staircase.  At the end of the hallway, Harley showed Jeremy to an empty bedroom.  Pointing to the bathroom, he said, “Through there is a shower and a bath, with everything you need.­”  Harley walked to the wall of closet and slid open the glass door.  It was a room filled with clothes, beautiful clothes, designer clothes.  “I have everything right here, all sizes, all kinds.  Help yourself, Jeremy.  I’ll be downstairs waiting, but take your time.­”  Jeremy watched Harley walk out the door before venturing into the bathroom.  Wonder what’s with this guy, he thought.  He shrugged his shoulders.  Maybe he’s just lonely.  ****** Jeremy’s eyes were at the level of Harley’s chest and he lifted his head to look at his attractive suitor.  Harley held Jeremy’s head in one hand, tilted it back slightly, and leaned down and gently kissed his lips.  Then he pulled back and looked at his face.  His young lover was waiting for more.  Everything was going according to plan.  Jeremy’s eyes were closed, his young lips parted from the kiss, and the swim trunks that were now stretched to their limit spoke for themselves.


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