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The Legend of Zye
Rachel Carter


Title: The Legend of Zye

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ISBN: 9781475934038

When your destiny is laid out for you from birth, it should be easy to fit into it. But that isn?­t always the case. On the planet of X48, everyone is born knowing their name and future, and deviating from that plan is unheard of. It sounds easy, but sixteen-­year-­old Zye isn?­t so sure. Since birth, he?­s been slated to become a soldier, but he?­d much rather be a healer instead. After he graduates from high school, he receives orders to report as a soldier and travel to planet Silver. Here he will train to become a fierce warrior. But when he hears his older, war-­hero brother speaking about an upcoming fight against a group of powerful magicians called the Draes, Zye uncovers a secret that will change everything he?­s ever known. Now, old powers left forgotten have begun to gain new strength, and Zye learns things about himself, his brother, and his planet he had never imagined. The young man who believed for so long that he was just one of millions now might be his planet?­s only hope. Yet it is the tragic murder of Zye?­s beloved older brother that spins his life out of control, and Zye?­s future may, for the first time, be irrevocably altered.

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