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Computer Station's That Work: Stop Pain
Linda Meckler


Title: Computer Station's That Work: Stop Pain

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ISBN: 9781458006141, 9780011257433

I have been suffering with hand, elbow, arm, shoulder and neck pain for almost 20 years. I have had several hand and shoulder surgeries. I will share with you what I have experienced throughout my life, typing.­I learned how to type in high school on an old manual typewriter. When you type on a manual typewriter you really have to hit the keys hard. I was in typing class and I remember completing the exercises of the key placement and stretches. The numbers and symbols were harder to reach since you had to stretch your fingers farther.­I jumped from a manual typewriter to an electric typewriter. The typewriter I enjoyed the best was the IBM Selectric 2. They are still around and work fantastic. The new electronic typewriters on the market, today, do not work as well.­Yes, ladies and gentlemen I have worked on office equipment that is probably in museums now. I assure you I am not ready to be put out to pasture. There is still life left in me and enough of my imagination left in my mind to keep writing.

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