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Crossroads to Recovery
Lawrence J. King


Title: Crossroads to Recovery

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ISBN: 9781453556306

Crossroads to Recovery by Lawrence J. King This book is about helpful hints and reference... points in order to benifit those people that can´t seem to let the past go... i.­e. loss of a love one, divorce, unpleasant childhood memories, etc,­etc,­etc...... Sometimes people tend to live and relive painful memories that are harmful and devastating to the mind, body, and soul........ Helping people move away from the past so they can focus on living in the right here, right now moment of there life, striving to move forward realizing that you can not change or rewind the past, good, bad, or indifferent. All we have is today, right here right now, tomorrow is not promised so therefore be all that you can be each and everyday.

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