Bad Boys
Allex K Bell, Amber March, Beverly Langland, E.­C. Cutler, Ed Nichols, Elizabeth Coldwell, G R Richards, Heidi Champa, Jasmine Benedict, Jason Haywood, Jerry Wilson, Josephine Myles, Landon Dixon, Lucas Steele, Lynn Lake, Marcus Swannick, Michael Bracken, P A Friday, Richard Hiscock, Scarlet Blackwell Alcamia Payne

ISBN: 9781908086631

Everyone loves a bad boy – and the guys in this collection are no exception In these twenty red-­hot tales of no-­holds-­barred gay action, you’ll meet some of the naughtiest boys around, and the men who long to tame them. From first-­time man-­on-­man encounters to stories of experienced masters and their willing slaves, trips to the dark side of sex and celebrations of sweet and tender man love, these pages are packed with the very best in gay erotic fiction. Being bad never felt so good. Kid Trouble’s Dragon by Jason Haywood He has a real bad thing for tattoos, and the men who often get them. Not the scrappy doodles but proper work done with skill and an eye for detail. For him, they turn a hot guy into something far hotter. So you can imagine how much of an impact Kid Trouble – The Tattooed Terror – makes on him when he sees him performing in Ted Harker’s Circus of Curiosities. And why he desperately wanted to get a private viewing later on … Film Noir by Ed Nichols Scott reluctantly agrees to help out at the foreign film festival run by his boyfriends, Xavier and Ben, even though he can't think of a more boring way to spend a nice day. Once his work is done, he decides to steal a nap in the back of the theatre during a particularly boring film. But when Scott gets caught snoring, Ben and Xavier exact their revenge. Model Me by Lynn Lake The art class model was as beautiful as any Old Master’s painting, an original unveiled right there in front of everyone. Louis licked his cracked dry lips, as he studied that which all of the women and men (straight and otherwise) were openly gaping unartistically at – the smooth, cut, hooded cock that dangled from the model’s groin to awesome effect. The young artist knew right then he had to paint his own private portrait of the model, the erotic image that poured out of his fevered mind and onto his frenzied brush. And then he turned art into life, beyond his wildest imaginings. Taking the Bait by P.­A Friday Sometimes, the best wa

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