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Tug of Love
Starla Kaye


Title: Tug of Love

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ISBN: 9781469756028

Raini Daye, a vagabond-­lifestyle photographer, returns to her ex-­husband's small hometown in Kansas at the request of her secret friend, his mother. Travel weary, she is drawn into the community, purchasing a little grocery store and becoming involved in her ex-­mother-­in-­law's bed and breakfast inn. Sawyer Stratton, a harried businessman in Texas, is stunned to learn not only about the family home being turned into an inn but also that his ex-­wife has managed to become involved in a distant part of his life. He fears that Raini is behind this crazy idea of his mother's and returns to Kansas intending to put an end to it, and to send his ex-­wife back on her world travels. Wary of each other at first, both discover an ember of their love that failed to die and quickly sparks back to life. But have they matured enough to accept each other now?

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