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The Centaurs
Paul Gill


Title: The Centaurs

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ISBN: 9781462077076

The lands of the four centaur lords are never at peace for long. A great storm called the Faulnis, ravages the lands of two centaur lords. The lord of the Northern centaurs, Woden, flees the flooding from the Storm River into the lands of a treacherous Southern centaur, Lord Valgus. This unscrupulous centaur attempts to take over the northern lands. Woden escapes to a friendly centaur lord to the west, Neries. From across the eastern marshes comes the growing menace. This story leads the reader through four centaur kingdoms and their leaders, across mountain passes where danger from other beasts loom each step, into the cavern of a great mountain, and onto wind swept plain. Battles of conquest, surprise and deceit keep the reader spellbound. This story has a cast of characters from centaurs to trolls, giant berserkers, reavers and several others. The climax will keep the reader hurrying to turn the page, guessing possible outcomes.

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