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Leverage (The Complete Series) (Billionaire Romance)
Alexx Andria


Title: Leverage (The Complete Series) (Billionaire Romance)

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ISBN: 1230000229021, 9780149368872

THE COMPLETE  SET OF THE LEVERAGE SERIES IN ONE BUNDLE! ********** They have every reason to fail... Billionaire Boston Kincaid is ruthlessly arrogant in his pursuit of Julianna Holly, his runaway pregnant mistress. No one takes Boston for a ride — least of all a woman. But once he tracks Julianna to the tiny Caribbean island of St. John, he realizes Julianna might just be the one holding all the cards and he doesn't know how to handle himself. Determined to win at all costs, Boston finds himself lost, up against terrible odds, and fighting self-­destruction. Julianna never imagined the love of her life would turn out to be the most domineering, emotionally constipated, rich man on the planet. But just because she's carrying his baby, doesn't mean Julianna is going to let him push her around. The heart wants what the heart wants...­until a sexy, sweet doctor enters the mix. Suddenly, Julianna doesn't know which way to turn. Miles represents stability; Boston, passion. She knows she needs to make the right choice for her baby but her brain says one thing and her heart another. But can Boston be the man Julianna needs him to be? Or will he continue to push away the one person who ever meant anything to him? But when the stakes are high, failure isn't an option. ********** EXCERPT: He grabbed her arm and hauled her up close. Too close, her mind babbled as her hormones kicked into overdrive. Why did he have to smell like sweet sin and seductive darkness? She longed to wrap her arms around him and close her eyes for just a moment, to lose herself in the pleasure that he could give her. Just for a moment. But that wasn’t possible. Her dignity and her pride wouldn’t allow it. “I didn’t lie,­” he said softly as she stared up at him.  “What I told you was the truth as I knew it. I wasn’t supposed to be able to father children. All I can say is, we created a miracle,­” he said, taking another step forward, forcing her back toward the bedroom. Oh no, not the bedroom. She’d lose al

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