Creasy and Resnik's Maternal-­Fetal Medicine: Principles and Practice
Jay D. Iams, Lesley Frazier, Michael F Greene, Robert K. Creasy, Robert Resnik, Thomas Moore Charles J. Lockwood


Title: Creasy and Resnik's Maternal-­Fetal Medicine: Principles and Practice

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ISBN: 9781437721355

In your practice, you require advanced knowledge of the obstetrical, medical, genetic and surgical complications of pregnancy and their effects on the mother and fetus. With both basic science and clinical information, six new chapters, and an updated color design, you need look no further than the 6th edition of this long-­time best seller. Completely revised and updated, this popular reference now is a complete online resource thanks to the added functionality of Expert Consult - www.­expertconsult.­com.­Includes both basic science and clinical information to give you comprehensive knowledge of the biology of pregnancy.­Acts as an excellent resource for OB/GYNs studying for their Maternal-­Fetal Medicine boards - and for practitioners who need quick access to practical information.­Features a companion website at www.­expertconsult.­com with fully searchable text.­Provides an updated and focused reference list to keep you up to date on the standards of care in maternal-­fetal medicine today.­Keeps you current with a new section: Disorders at the Maternal-­Fetal Interface…and 6 new chapters: Biology of Parturition, Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, Intrapartum Assessment of Fetal Health, Pathogenesis of Pre-­term Birth, Maternal and Fetal Infectious Disorders, and Benign Gynecological Conditions of Pregnancy.­Features over 50% new authorship with increased focus on international perspectives.­Includes the following hot topics in Maternal-­Fetal Medicine: o Biology of Parturitiono Fetal Growtho Prenatal Genetic Screening and Diagnosiso Fetal Cardiac Malformations and Arrhythmias o Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy o Management of Depression and Psychoses during Pregnancy and the PuerperiumFocuses on evidence based medicine, the current best practice in MFM for diagnosing and treating high risk pregnancies.­Includes new illustrations and an updated, color design.

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