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The Lady of The Forest: A Story for Girls
L. T. Meade


Title: The Lady of The Forest: A Story for Girls

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ISBN: 9781465527684

The girls, aged respectively twelve and nine, were seated, one on a rustic stile, The Other on The grass at her feet; a background of splendid forest trees threw Their slight and childish figures into strong relief. Rachel’s hat was tossed on The ground and Kitty’s parasol lay unopened by her side. The sun was sending slanting rays through The trees, and some of These rays fell on Kitty’s bright hair and lit up Rachel’s dark little gypsy face. “Aunt Grizel is coming,­” said Kitty, and immediately she put on a proper and demure expression. Rachel, drawn up short in The midst of a very exciting narrative, looked slightly defiant and began to whistle in a boyish manner. Aunt Griselda was seen approaching down a long straight avenue overshadowed by forest trees of beech and oak; she held her parasol well up, and her face was Further protected from any passing gleams of sunlight by a large poke-­bonnet. She was a slender old lady, with a graceful and dignified appearance. Aunt Griselda would have compelled respect from any one, and as she approached The two girls They both started to Their feet and ran to meet her.

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