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A APPLE PIE: Alphabet books for children
Kate Greenaway


Title: A APPLE PIE: Alphabet books for children

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ISBN: 1230000095899

Alphabet books for children. A Beautifully Color Illustrated Children's Picture Book by age 2-­5 ; Learn ABCs Kate Greenaway used an early version of the rhyme to illustrate A APPLE PIE which was first published in 1886 and it will be noticed that there is no rhyme for the letter I. The rhyme of A APPLE PIE is very ancient and reference is made to it as early as 1671 in one of the writings of John Eachard. In these early versions the letters I and J were not differentiated. The letter J as we know it today was the curved initial form of the letter I and was always used before a vowel. Features: • Original color illustrations by Kate Greenawayand • Re-­arranged texts for the best display on Kobo, PC and every e-­Reader device.

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