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Raven's Child
M. J. Spickett


Title: Raven's Child

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ISBN: 9781554871063

Reincarnation is never what it seems. For Elijah Hawke and his Watcher, it's a complete pain in the ass. Memories of his past life invade his daily life after he casts a spell that brings his past incarnation to the forefront. Now he and Anthony Sinclair, a powerful magician, fight for dominance over his body and for the love of a woman who's old enough to be his mother. But what is an eleven year old to do when he has a thirty-­nine year old mage running rampant in his mind?­Only his missing twin has a chance of saving Eli and righting the terrible wrong his magick caused. But this might not be the person Eli expected. Not when it comes to magick--­and not when the twin is that of his soul rather than Eli's flesh, and may not even be the child from his visions. Can the desires of the past survive in the future--­or will magick be the cause of its destruction?

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