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The Awakening (The Complete Set) (werewolf romance)
Alexx Andria


Title: The Awakening (The Complete Set) (werewolf romance)

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ISBN: 1230000205219, 9780148967687

THE LONG-­AWAITED COMPLETED SET OF ALEXX ANDRIA'S BESTSELLING AWAKENING SERIES! *Bonus material not found in the original serial! *Soon to be in print! A story so epic, it can only be from Alexx Andria... There is no escaping destiny -- and it's coming straight for Cassandra and Tieran whether they are ready for the consequences or not.  Tieran doesn't want Cassandra for his mate but he can't seem to help himself when he's around her. The pull is too strong to fight, the attraction soul-­deep. Cassandra doesn't want anything to do with werewolves or the prophecy, particularly when it seems that every time she turns around, someone is either trying to control her life or end it. And now she's destined to be with Tieran, an Alpha with a seriously bad attitude? No thank you. She'd rather just go back to her boring life and forget all about prophecies, a previously unknown paranormal world, and definitely the werewolf who sets her teeth -- and blood -- on edge. If only that were possible. Caught between two warring werewolf clans, Cassandra has no choice but to follow her destiny straight into Tieran's hard, muscled arms or else face a future where nothing but death is certain for the human race. EXCERPT: "It's like there's a fire beneath your skin,­" Tieran gasped, breaking free from her ravenous kiss. He cupped her behind and squeezed the plump flesh. She thrilled at the possessive imprint on her skin. His eyes darkened to a wild hue as the blue disappeared with his humanity. He took her mouth savagely, growling against her lips as he plundered, stabbing her mouth with his tongue until she was forced to accept him. It was brutal and heady -- something that she would've found completely distasteful if she were in her right mind -- but at the moment she found him intoxicating. She clutched a handful of his dark hair and wrenched it back, laughing when he responded in kind, twisting a hank of her hair and yanking it close to the scalp. The pain sparked an insane pleasure

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