Lipstick Lovers
Alice Candy, Angela Propps, Anna Sansom, Elise Hepner, Elizabeth Coldwell, Emma Lydia Bates, Encarnita Round, Giselle Renarde, Harper Bliss, Jayne Wheatley, Jean-­Philippe Aubourg, Kate Dominic, Kathleen Tudor, Lucy Felthouse, Lynn Lake, Medea Mor, Rachel Charman, Shea Lancaster, Valerie Alexander Alex Jordaine

ISBN: 9781908086693

In this sizzling selection of twenty erotic lesbian stories, find out what happens when women act on their overwhelming lust for each other. Dominant mistresses and willing slaves, bi-­curious best friends, strangers swept away by the thrill of passion and long-­time lovers spicing up their sex lives share the pages of Lipstick Lovers. Explicit fantasy and naughty adventures make this the hottest lesbian collection from the best writers in the genre. A Woman’s Touch by Kathleen Tudor Cassie’s marriage is safe but predictable, and she knows there’s a world of excitement she is missing out on. Taking the plunge, she meets up with the experienced Sam, who is only too willing to show her the pleasure of a woman’s touch. The Lock-­in by Alice Candy When Roxy and JJ go for a quiet weekend to the Highlands of Scotland they expect to escape their hectic London lives and have a few days of peace and quiet to get to know each other better. Popping into a country pub for a drink, they encounter a sexy young barmaid who is determined to show them a good time and invites them to stay for their own private lock-­in. Roxy thinks she’s seen it all before and has agreed to a weekend in the sticks to relax but the couple soon find that maybe these Highlands are more exciting than they thought and a lock-­in in this particular hostelry is not what they had imagined … Overtime by Harper Bliss For Laura, working at a major law firm means most of her nights are spent working overtime on one of her many cases, all in an effort to please her ruthless boss Cathy Turner. When she gets called into Cathy’s office late one night, the verbal chastising she was expecting turns out to be a much more physical experience than she could ever have imagined, giving a whole new meaning to getting “hands-­on experience”. Overtime has never been so hot … Lam-­dancing by Lynn Lake Sally just lost her girlfriend and is about to lose her apartment, maybe her job down at the dime-­a-­dance hall, too. It was the Great

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