From Me With Love
Shannon Pearce


Title: From Me With Love

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ISBN: 9781452475783

Two Erotic Romances Married Until Monday: Trips to the cabin were the best of times for Thom and Julius.  They went as often as they could, when time away from their stressful careers would allow.  Thom had loved Julius since college.  He had never told Julius that he was gay, but he thought that he had to have known.  It is not until the two of them are well entrenched in their careers that Julius begins to have relationship problems.  When his girlfriend leaves him, he turns to Thom, just as he has always done following his many breakups.  Thom’s suggestion that they get away to their favorite cabin for the weekend is more than welcomed by Julius, but Thom is surprised by his friend’s latest revelation. Kevin and Andy: Time together had made them friends and confidantes, with a palpable sexual tension between them which was always carefully cloaked in friendly banter.  Alone for the weekend, Kevin invited Andy to spend the night at his place and see a movie, hang out and drink, whatever they liked, just have a guy’s weekend.  Andy had always been interested in Kevin, though Kevin had never known of his interest which was really more desire than interest.  There always seemed to be an undertone of sexual flirting between them that was masked in jokes made mostly by Andy, but Andy had sensed there was something more there, something more than sexual flirting, something sexually real.


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