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British Nuclear Weapons and the Test Ban 19541973
John R. Walker


Title: British Nuclear Weapons and the Test Ban 19541973

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ISBN: 9781409481201

Focusing on a key twenty year period, this study explores Britain's role in efforts to bring about a nuclear test ban treaty between 1954 and 1973. Taking a broadly chronological approach, it examines the nature of defence planning, Anglo-­American relationships, the efficacy of British diplomacy and UK contributions to arms control and disarmament. The appraisal of the relationship between the requirements and developments of the UK nuclear weapons programme against the countervailing international and domestic pressures for a test ban treaty will be of interest to anyone studying post-­war British defence and foreign policy, history of science, arms control, disarmament and non-­proliferation and international relations, or who is looking for background information on current events involving nuclear proliferation and disarmament.

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