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The Eye of Truth
Lawrence J. King


Title: The Eye of Truth

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ISBN: 9781469146522

Book Review As long as manking has had conscious awareness, he has sought answers to the age old questions about God, Heaven, Hell, The Devil, Guardian Angels, Demonic Spirits, Death, Reincarnation, Good, Evil, Karma, the ultimate sacrifice in life, and what is our true purpose here on planet earth. This book clearly defines and explains how various people from all walks of life answer these age old questions, one by one, to inform and educate others. As I read through this bokk I discovered a lot of valuable information that I was unaware and will be an awesome tool to those of you who seek the truth. It is my belief that this book will soar to unimaginable heights in the realm of best selling books world-­wide. Elizabeth Antoinette Lozano, Secure Care Operations Manager

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Guest on 2016-­01-­04 10:­28:­06

I have personally read Lawrence J. Kings Non-Fiction books, his books are awesome. Mr. King' books are full of Inspiration, Education, and above all Motivation. His overall concept appears to be when life deals you lemons or when you deal yourself lemons then by all means make lemonade. Be the change you wish to see. Basically his self-help books are helpful tools to allow you to get to the right here right now moment of your life. Be all that you can be each and everyday.