Within These Walls an analysis of Biblical truths
Robert A. Engel


Title: Within These Walls an analysis of Biblical truths

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ISBN: 9781449769031

Have you ever wondered, ?­What?­s it all about?? God?­s answers for all life?­s problems are recorded in the Bible. Each chapter of Within These Walls explains a different aspect to understanding the Scriptures, seeking to help the reader fit together all the pieces of the puzzle and receive God?­s love and wisdom for his or her life. There are three important steps for every person to help him or her determine what this life is all about: find God, walk with God, and finish with God. There is one more necessary ingredient, and that is faith. God?­s Word is truth and there for us to receive, but without a person?­s faith, little benefit will be experienced. The journey must start with God, continue with God, and finish with God. If those steps are taken in faith, then what it?­s all about will no longer be a mystery. Each chapter in Within These Walls helps the reader to understand God?­s Word and apply it to his or her life. As you read through the chapters of this book, ask God to open your spiritual eyes to what He is telling you.

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