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Trials & Tribulations
Lawrence J. King


Title: Trials & Tribulations

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ISBN: 9781462880577

I would like to dedicate this book to my old friend, John Dillon, and his wife, Ann Dillon, for having shown me love and for giving me shelter from the storm. I would like to say a special thank you to Brian Ridley, Professor Emeritus; Julia Gibbs, Sharon Santa, and Rick Santa, for recognizing me as a kind hearted and caring individual, who takes care of business accordingly. To this day I still enjoy the benefits and rewards of being employed by these awesome people. I would also like to thank the police for making my life miserable, thus causing me to respond accordingly. Through all those years of unnecessary drama brought on by the police, I have demonstrated the will to survive, and in fact, become a better person, by demonstrating integrity and a deep dedication to eliminating these unjustifiable acts of harassment, and human rights violations. Mahatma Gandi once said, “Be The Change You Wish to See.­”

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