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The Feel of Forever
Lyn Denison


Title: The Feel of Forever

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ISBN: 9780014421831

To the casual observer Felicity Devon’s life seems ideal. She lives on an island off the coast of Queensland and succesfanully runs the art gallery that her mother began. She loves her work, her family and her good friends.

And as for love? Well, it's been eight long years since Bailey Macrae walked away and broke Felicity's heart... choosing career and conventional lifestyle over love. Eight long years - and Felicity is finally moving on.

Then Felicity learns that Bailey - the face of Australian current affairs television - is returning to the island, and suddenly her hard-­won composure is being put to the test. 

But Felicity soon discovers that she isn't quite sure what she fears the most - that Bailey will want to pick up where they left off... or that she won't...


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