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Operation V-­Day
Starla Kaye


Title: Operation V-­Day

231 downloads, last downloaded at January 12, 2019

ISBN: 9780016715433

Valerie Hart left her very Alpha, very workaholic attorney husband six months ago, but only because they'd reached a point of total frustration with each other. Compromising on anything had seemed out of the question. Space away and time to settle down had been her only choice, she'd thought. Of course, she'd also thought Jett would come after her. The stubborn man didn't. And then, idiot that she was, she'd taken some poor advice and filed for a divorce. But she wasn't being an idiot any longer, and she wasn't ready to give up on their marriage or on Jett. Yet. She had a plan and set herself a deadline: Valentine's Day. If she couldn't win him back by then, well... No! She would.
The wife he'd loved with every fiber of his being until she'd left him suddenly walked back into his life. Pride told him to refuse to even consider taking her back. Hope he'd thought he'd given up on made him ignore his bruised ego and see what would happen. There would certainly be punishment for her irresponsible actions. He wouldn't forgive her easily, if he even could.

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