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The Last Kiss
Alexx Andria


Title: The Last Kiss

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ISBN: 9780014169856

Elise Beaudoin needs closure.
Ten years ago she fell in love with the wrong man —Gage Dillinger, her stepbrother — and in order to move on, she needs to say goodbye.
Gage and Elise agreed to stay away from each other for the sake of their family but time and distance hasn'­t dulled their feelings for one another.
Elise goes to Gage to spend one last night together in order to finally put the past to rest so she can marry another man without reservation. But is one night really enough?
Seeing Elise again awakens the pain of losing the one woman Gage had ever loved. Elise thinks she needs closure but Gage is going to prove to her that he'­s the only man for her.
*This story is intended for mature readers only.
The following short story of approx. 8,­500 word is a work of fiction and was originally titled, ONE NIGHT TO SAY GOODBYE. It has been modified from its original version.

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