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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook - Second Edition
Kevin Jackson


Title: OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook - Second Edition

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ISBN: 9781782167587

Over 100 recipes to successfully set up and manage your OpenStack cloud environments with complete coverage of Nova, Swift, Keystone, Glance, Horizon, Neutron, and Cinder Overview Updated for OpenStack Grizzly Learn how to install, configure, and manage all of the OpenStack core projects including new topics like block storage and software defined networking Learn how to build your Private Cloud utilizing DevOps and Continuous Integration tools and techniques In Detail OpenStack is an open source cloud operating stack that was born from Rackspace and NASA and became a global success, developed by scores of people around the globe and backed by some of the leading players in the cloud space today. OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook, Second Edition will show you exactly how to install the components that are required to make up a private cloud environment. You will learn how to set up an environment that you manage just as you would a public cloud provider like Rackspace with the help of experienced OpenStack administrators and architects. We begin by configuring the key components such as identity, image compute, and storage in a safe, virtual environment that we will then build on this throughout the book. The book will also teach you about provisioning and managing OpenStack in the datacenter using proven DevOps tools and techniques. From installing or creating a sandbox environment using Vagrant and VirtualBox to installing OpenStack in the datacenter, from understanding logging to automating OpenStack installations, whatever level of experience or interest you have with OpenStack there is a chapter for you. Installation steps cover compute, object storage, identity, block storage volumes, image, horizon, software defined networking and DevOps tools for automating your infrastructure OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook, Second edition gives you clear step-­by-­step instructions to installing and running your own private cloud. What you will learn from this book Understand, install, configure, and manage Nova, the OpenStack cloud compute resource Dive headfirst into managing software defined networks with the OpenStack networking project and Open vSwitch Install and configure, Keystone, the OpenStack identity & authentication service Install, configure and operate the OpenStack block storage project: Neutron Install and manage Swift, the highly scalable OpenStack object storage service Gain hands on experience with the OpenStack dashboard Horizon Explore different monitoring frameworks to ensure your OpenStack cloud is always online and performing optimally Automate your installations using Vagrant and Chef. Create custom Windows and Linux images for use in your private cloud environment. Approach OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook Second Edition will give you clear step-­by-­step instructions to installing and running your own private cloud successfully. It is full of practical and applicable recipes that enable you to use the latest capabilities of OpenStack and implement them. The book explains every step in detail so that you can build your knowledge about how things work.

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