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The Lost Arthritis Cure
Derek Shannon


Title: The Lost Arthritis Cure

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For years it has been pounded into our head that the only way to handle the aches and pains of gout and arthritis is by medicating with various medications. The root of arthritis is quite a mystery. That is until now.

What a refreshing take on a disease that affects millions of people throughout the world.

The original book that “The Lost Arthritis Cure” was adapted from was actually written in the early 1950’s by Dan Dale Alexander and was backed up by many professionals in the medical field at that time.

Today this information is not very popular as it goes against everything that the big pharmaceutical companies are striving to do by making the public think that they NEED to pop pills “mask” the symptoms of most diseases.

“The Lost Arthritis Cure” was adapted wand modified for today by Derek Shannon and Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Personal trainer and 20 year sufferer of gout.

“The Lost Arthritis Cure” is a great manual that is easy to follow as well as implement in your daily lives.

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